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Homes For Sale In Desoto With No Closing Costs


There are several Homes For Sale In Desoto With No Closing Costs available.  In fact, all homes for sale in Desoto can be purchased with no closing costs.  When you're looking to buy a home, there are several things to consider.  The most important thing to consider is the financing piece of buying a home.  That is of course, unless, you're paying cash for it.  

If not, I'd suggest you keep reading to find out how purchasing homes for sale in Desoto with no closing costs can benefit you.  Mortgage loans are broken down into a few essential pieces.  Most people know about the interest rate and the down payment.  Some people are aware of closing costs, but they are not completely aware of what the closing costs consists of. 

Typical Amount Of Closing Costs!

When you think of closing costs things like home owner's insurance and title insurance should come to mind.  Also, the appraisal and  the survey are parts of your closing costs.  Unfortunately, the majority of people think they closing costs are only things that the lender charges.  When in fact, most of the closing costs are completely third party charges.  

However, this article isn't about the amount of closing costs and who they go to, this is to help you get an idea of how you can buy homes in Desoto with no closing costs.  You can also check out all the homes for sale in Desoto By Clicking Here!  We have the amount of closing costs that can be paid next to the home.

The best way to do this is to work with a Hybrid Agent.  A #hybridagent is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, as well as a Licensed Loan Officer.  As someone who knows both sides of the transaction, a #hybridagent will be able to structure your transaction correctly.  Typically, most real estate agents would ask the seller to pay closing costs.  If that doesn't work, where do you go from there?  In most cases you would just have to pay the closing costs yourself.  A hybrid agent, since they are doing both sides of the transaction can and will "use a portion of the real estate commission to go towards your closing costs." 

Using the Hybrid Agent Model is by far the best way of getting your closing costs paid.  You literally have someone else paying them!  


Another way this can be done is figuring out how much the home will appraise for.  If the house will appraise for more than the seller is selling the home for, you can easily raise the sales price and have the seller credit you the difference.  In most mortgage loans, raising the sale price isn't going to change your payment very much.  The alternative is having to come out of pocket for the closing costs.  Also, the seller still nets the same amount of cash they were going to before you raise the price so it's a win-win for both.  We want you to find a great home and get your closing costs paid.  Search For Homes For Sale In Desoto Here.

Typical Savings on Homes For Sale In Desoto with No Closing Costs

There is no typical savings amount, simply because all costs are different.  The closing costs are based on several factors.  Credit score, how much money you're putting down, also the price of the home can affect how much the closing costs will be.  However, let's use a hybrid agent example.  

If the price of the home you're buying is $300,000 and Real Estate Commission is 3%.  The amount of closing costs the agent would pay is up to $4,500.  That's $4,500 dollars that you don't have to pay.  

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Houses For Sale In Mira Lagos

Homes For Sale In Mira Lagos

Houses For Sale In Mira Lagos

Homes For Sale In Mira Lagos

Mira Lagos is one of the top subdivisions in Grand Prairie Texas.  Nestled along the shores of Joe Pool Lake is Mira Lagos, a premier master-planned community Dating back to 2005, Mira Lagos offers homebuyers a range of well-built and spacious single-family homes accompanied by lakeside recreation areas, parks, and trails.  If you’re looking for Houses For Sale In Mira Lagos, you’ve come to the right place to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Houses For Sale In Mira Lagos

Mira Lagos real estate listings are highly recommended if you are interested in living in a relatively big neighborhood. Moreover, the real estate listings in Mira Lagos are in the heart of the DFW metroplex.  Located only a few minutes for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport as well as a short drive to downtown Dallas, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another area that offers everything that you need with the proximity to all sorts of entertainment.

From shopping to dining, Houses for sale in Mira Lagos offers you everything that you could want in an area.  From community pools to miles of safe walking areas for your family and pets.  You couldn’t ask for anything else and you’re offered everything that you expect from a master-planned subdivision.

House and home prices in Mira Lagos

Home prices in Mira Lagos range from $250,000 to $650,000.  There are definitely houses for sale in Mira Lagos for all budgets.  Homes from the Semi Starter Home to all-out Full Luxury Estates.  The neighborhood is very large, but amazingly very quite.  You’re also so close to Joe Pool Lake.  Enjoy all the amenities of being close to a large body of water.  If boating or jet skiing is your thing; you’ll definitely be able to take advantage of them within 10 minutes of one of the largest lakes in the Dallas area.  Love to fish on an early Saturday morning?  Houses for sale in Mira Lagos would be the perfect place for you to purchase your home.

Mira Lagos Schools

The school district for homes for sale in Mira Lagos is Mansfield ISD and has an outstanding educational program.

Grammar Schools:

There are two grammar schools K-4. Anna May Daulton Elementary is the school for students living on the north side of England Parkway and east of Arlington Webb. Cora Spencer Elementary is for students living on the south side of England Parkway.

Intermediate School:

There is One intermediate school 5-6, Mary Lillard is located near the southwest corner of East Broad and Day Miar.

Middle Schools:

There is one middle school 7-8 Danny Jones is located at the southwest corner of East Broad and Day Miar.

High School: 

Lake Ridge High School is a new High School! It opened in 2012 is located on Day Miar Road near Mary Lillard Intermediate.

Amenities in Mira Lagos

As you would expect a master-planned community is filled with amenities.  There are 3 community pools to choose from.  A clubhouse for family gatherings as well as a fitness facility.  Each of the three amenity centers includes an open common area for kicking or tossing a ball, a playground with a playscape, swings and bouncy spring gliders! Each pool has a main swimming pool, a toddler pool, fountains, and patio furniture. Pools are open May-September. Walking trails wind throughout our community, near and around our playgrounds and ponds.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a house in Mira Lagos, YOU MUST SEE, my #HYBRIDAGENT Program.  If you want to maximize your savings on your home purchase, this is definitely the program for you.  We actually help you pay your closing costs.

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