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Dallas FHA Streamline Refinance

Dallas FHA Streamline RefinanceWhen it comes to refinancing your home in Dallas you may be one of the many people who have gained a ton of value on your home.  The Real Estate Market is up and appraisals aren’t much of an issue anymore.  For the lucky few people out there that have an FHA loan you can possibly qualify for the Dallas FHA Streamline Refinance without an appraisal.   Regardless of what you have been told by your current lender, You CAN get a lower interest rate with our Dallas FHA Streamline Refinance.  When it comes to refinancing your home in Dallas, I understand that you may have been through the ringer and been told quite a few different things that have gotten your hopes up only to be let down.  That can be a bit discouraging when it comes to trying to go through the process again.  Forget everything that you have been told about a Dallas FHA Streamline Refinance from anyone else.  The qualifications are easy.

Dallas FHA Streamline Refinance Qualifications

The qualification process for the Dallas FHA Streamline Refinance are really easy and you have no reason not to refinance if you have the opportunity to do so.  Here there are so pay attention so you don’t miss them… 1.  Have an FHA Loan that was endorsed before June 1, 2009 2.  Be current on the last 12 months mortgage payments 3.  Have a minimum credit score of 620. If you meet these minimal qualification I can get your Dallas FHA Streamline Refinance Loan Approved an closed extremely fast and efficient.  Forget everything your current lender or neighbor down the road is telling you.  You have to ask yourself this.  Why would your current lender want to refinance you when they have you paying a higher rate and can stand behind the fact that your home has lost value?  You are making them more money.  Allow us to help you save more money per month and put you and your family in a better financial position.

 Required Documentation For Dallas FHA Streamline Refinance

When it comes to refinancing your mortgage a lot of people are scared away because all of the paperwork they think they will have to provide in order to qualify for the current refinance.  The sheer amount of documentation they had to provide for the original loan can scare most people away from the process all together.  Fortunately if you meet the requirements for the Dallas FHA Streamline Refinance, the documentation needed is very minimal.  There is no income verification needed, you don’t have to worry about gathering W2’s, Pay-Stubs or Tax Returns.  Those three enough are enough to drive a sane person crazy.  The hassle of trying to dig up 40 pages of tax returns from two years ago are gone.  For income all we need to prove is that you have a job to qualify.  The amount of money you make is not in question. Obviously you will have to fill out an application, but that can be done with a 5 minute phone call, and we do it for you.  Also, with our Dallas FHA Streamline Refinance process, we have the ability to sign electronic documentation.  This means the old days of filling out the difficult loan package and faxing or mailing back the application is over.  The electronic documentation makes it very easy for your loan application to be approved fast.  Here are the items that you  should have to get your FHA Loan Approved Quickly: 1.  HUD or Settlement Statement from previous FHA Loan 2.  Current Mortgage Statement ( bill) 3.  Homeowner’s Insurance Bill 4.  Copy of Driver’s License

The Benefit Of Calling Us For Your Dallas FHA Streamline Refinance

The biggest benefit of calling us direct to get your Dallas FHA Streamline Refinance taken care of is efficiency.  A lot of people want to shop around to compare lender after lender.  The problem with that, is not every lender will have the same qualifications.  Chances are you will call your current lender about the FHA streamline process and they will ask you for an application fee upwards of 400 dollars.  Then they could ask you to have an appraisal done on the property and you are right back to square one.  The other thing you don’t want to do is go to one of the online lead sources.  This is the flashing thing on the right of most websites telling you that rates are 1%. We get tons and tons of complaints from people telling us they only wanted to get an interest rate and they were tricked into providing all this information and now their phone is being blown up from all the phone calls from 50 different lenders.  This has caused many to stop the process all together.  It’s better to contact us directly and get your options taken care of.  If you meet the minimal requirements for the Dallas FHA Streamline Refinance, consider your loan already approved.  Yes!, It’s that easy.

To take advantage of your Dallas FHA Streamline Refinance options, fee free to contact me today.  To be contacted fill out the form below. You will be personally contacted by Micheal Price and no one else.


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Micheal has over 16 years experience in the mortgage and real estate industry.  His goals are simple.  Help the consumer get a great deal when it comes to purchasing a home.  He believes that if you build it and treat people the right way, the business will come.


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