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Desoto Texas Home Loan

Desoto Texas Home LoanA Desoto Texas Home Loan
 is a BIG DEAL these days.  With the Real Estate climate being what it is today, you definitely want to be sure you have a lender and loan officer who can deliver when it comes to completing your closing on time.  The Mortgage And Real Estate Marketing is very competitive right now.  Desoto Texas Homes are going fast and above the list price.  Having the right Desoto Texas Home Loan in place is imperative in you winning the bid on a home when you are making an offer.  You can have the perfect credit score, the perfect Realtor and everything you need in place, then you align yourself with the wrong lender for your Desoto Texas Home Loan and they take too long to get your loan closed.

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I’ve seen several instances where a seller gets frustrated with a buyer all because of their lender.  Unfortunately when your lender takes too long to close a loan and your contract expires, you could end up losing a home.  This is not the market you wan to trust just any lender with your Desoto Texas Home Loan with.

How To Choose The Right Lender For Your Desoto Texas Home Loan?

Choosing the right lender for your Desoto Texas Home Loan can seem like a difficult challenge.  The first thing I can assure you that you don’t want to do is enter your information on a site like lowermybills.com or a Lendingtree.com.  The second your do that for your Desoto Texas Home Loan your phone is going to ignite like a 4th of July fireworks show.  You will get more calls than you can handle and be even more confused.  Unfortunately, it’s part of the business and I call those leads as well, and the number 1 complaint I hear as ” I got so many phone calls.”   Instead of going that route and being even more confused I suggest narrowing it down to people who are located in your state.

While being local is a great thing, some local lenders may not have the best deal for a Desoto Texas Home Loan.  Local lenders have been known to us the “we’re the local company” as a bargaining chip.  In this day and age business can be done across the globe with the touch of a button.  I say keep your Desoto Texas Home Loan within your state simply because Texas has funny laws when in comes to mortgage loans.  Someone in New York may confuse one program for the next and you’ll end up paying in the end if a deal falls through.  You definitely don’t want to find out the day before closing you were quoted the wrong program on accident.  I can’t say that it’s done on purpose, but I’ve known people who would quote the wrong program on purpose just to make the rate and terms sound better.  This happens quite a bit with Home Equity Loans.  Texas definitely has a different set of rules when it comes to taking equity out of your home.

Your Realtor could recommend a lender to you as well, but you must do your own research.  Just because your Realtor has said you should use them doesn’t mean you are going to get the best deal.  It’s unfair to the consumer trying to get the best Desoto Texas Home Loan if your Realtor is only sending you to “their lender” because they are friends or even possibly getting an illegal kickback.  Not all Realtors are guilty of this but it can and has happened.  When purchasing or refinancing your home, you don’t have time nor money to waste.  Here are things that are very important for your Desoto Texas Home Loan.

  1. Who Can Deliver On What Was Promised?
  2. Who Do You Trust
  3. What Company has all the pieces centralized, Processing, Underwriting, Doc Prep, Servicing all in one place.
  4. Who Can Get Your Loan Closed On Time! [thrive_link color=”orange” link=”http://mikepricemortgageservicesdb.clixonit.com/” target=”_self” size=”big” align=”aligncenter”]Get Pre-Approved Today[/thrive_link]

I Love Closing a Desoto Texas Home Loan

When it comes to doing a loan in Desoto, I feel like I’m doing a loan for a Family Member, since I live in Desoto.  Desoto Texas Home Loans are special to me because I love being part of the reason our community is exploding.   There is nothing like doing a loan for people who you may run into at Home Depot.  It’s Not Just A Loan, It’s A Relationship!  You should expect me to take special care of your transaction and leave nothing to chance.   At the end of your Desoto Texas Home Loan I want to make sure we’ve both  had a memorable experience and I end the transaction with a friend and not just a customer for life.

Feel free to call me direct at 972-818-3175.  To complete a secure application Click here or enter your contact information in the form below.  I’ll be ready to close your Desoto Texas Home Loan as Fast and Efficiently as possible.  [thrive_link color=”orange” link=”http://mikepricemortgageservicesdb.clixonit.com/” target=”_self” size=”big” align=”aligncenter”]Get Pre-Approved Today[/thrive_link]

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About the Author

Micheal has over 16 years experience in the mortgage and real estate industry.  His goals are simple.  Help the consumer get a great deal when it comes to purchasing a home.  He believes that if you build it and treat people the right way, the business will come.


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